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Greece or the Hellenic Republic is situated in the southeastern part of the continent of Europe. Greece shares its boundaries with countries like Albania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. It has a really long coastline measuring upto 13,676 kms. Athens is the capital of the country. Greek is the official language here. It is a parliamentary republic. Euro is the official currency. It lies between 34 deg and 42 deg N latitudes and 19 deg and 30 deg E longitudes. It is divided into 13 peripheries which is further subdivided into 325 municipalities.

Site Listings
  • Aspis Real Estate : Leading real estate properties network for buying or selling in Southern Europe, with offices throughout Greece.

  • : Site contains guides for modern culture, monuments, museums and archaeological sites throughout the country.

  • Greece Foods : Informative photographic tour by Matt Barrett, featuring Greek food, restaurants, shopping, what to eat and much more.

  • : Provides computer and technical services and support to non-profit Hellenic organizations.

  • Greek Animal Rescue : UK based charity working to provide stray dogs and cats in Greece with necessary treatment and find homes.

  • Greek Community : Portal for new and happenings in Greece such as religious services, education in Greek language, elderly service, sports and cultural activities.

  • Greek House : Located in the Athens suburb of Kifissia, providing the community with a wide range of Greek related courses, seminars, lectures and art exhibitions.

  • : Providing opportunities for a diverse range of audiences in educational programs and cultural events.

  • : Complete internet guide to Greece mythology, history, culture, literature, people, sports, education, business, tourism, travel information and much more.

  • Invest in Greece : Responsible for promoting and supporting foreign business investments into Greece.

  • Ministry of Finance : Site providing information about Greek government's budget, annual balance-sheet, auditing the state finances, public debt as well as other relevant reports.

  • : Organizational news and information on National theatre of Greece.

  • Remax : Find locations and view properties for buying or selling in Greece.

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