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Another highly demanding infrastructure of a country is transportation and logistics. Physical displacement of cargo from its source to destination is the responsibility of proper functioning of logistics. Germany stands the most significant European logistics hub, the continent's largest automotive market, 9 per cent annual growth in aerospace engineering. It is all possible due to its excellent infrastructure, prominent central location and prudent services. It leads among the European nations leader with annual revenues of 200 billion and more than 2.5 million employees, and ranks among the best in the world for logistics innovations, technology and services. The whole world is quite aware of the German automotive market as it is the biggest within Europe in terms of production and sales figures. With the most popular manufacturing brands Germany is home to many leading car manufacturers as well as an extensive network of innovative automotive suppliers. The German aerospace industry is also innovative and dynamic, with a substantial annual growth rate. Some of the renowned German aerospace companies are working on innovations in the field of engines, lightweight construction and emission reduction. Important centers for transport and logistics are Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover and Munich.

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