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An economy treading towards prosperity holds education one of the main criteria for success. Perhaps the best form of investment in education constitutes to be an asset for an individual. So every nation should be strategic in proper development and funding of the educational institutions that surely will raise the future pioneers of the nation. In order to achieve proper intellectual nourishments of the young minds, grants and scholarship aids should be extended up to the common masses. Investments should be targeted towards the research works carried out in the university laboratories. No doubt painstaking experiments incur tremendous expenditure funded by the country, but ultimately the resultants coming out proves miracle for the humankind. Germany has a large number of state and state-accredited institutions of higher education which are mainly divided into universities of applied sciences, art and music. The majority of them are financed by the state and maintained by its regulatory control. Universities aim strongly to be research-oriented and typically offer a wide range of subjects, sometimes particularly in technology, art or medicine. Universities in Germany also include a number of religious and philosophical-theological institutions and teacher training programs. There are also universities and institutions of equivalent status to those run by the state, which are the only higher education institutions in Germany with the right to confer doctorates.

Site Listings
  • B-School Net, The : Expertised in business education. Displays latest German MBA rankings and other information about studying business in Germany.

  • Deutsche Kultur International : Provides information on German language and literature.

  • Eurasia Language Institute : Located in Berlin, offers language courses in all the languages. Specialized in German courses assisting people who seek to learn German in Germany.

  • Higher Education Compass : Provides information on German education, doctorates, study programmes and more.

  • Institute for Competitive Intelligence : Institute founded in 2004, aims to provide solid and adaptable international training programs to CI professionals seeking certification in CI.

  • Kommino : Assists to assess and develop organizational communication channels. Offers organisational communication analysis, links, downloads, contact details and more.

  • Lesen 2000 : Assists in learning German language with the help of pictures and words.

  • PRS Reunion Website : Website maeant for ex pupils and staff of Prince Rupert School in Rinteln, Germany. Assists to meet old friends.

  • Study in Germany : Website providing information required for students to do research in Germany.

  • Studying in Germany : Website designed for students who want to study abroad in Germany.

  • Why Study in Germany : Online source to find pros and cons about study in Germany.

  • WISP : Helps to experience the global work place. Includes information on host companies, programs, news etc.

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