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Cultural background of a country is judged mainly by its prevailing arts and entertainment. In fact culture develops influentially through geographical and historical aspects of a nation which plays a great role in remodeling the views, thinking and perception of its residents. Certain characteristic features like physical and behavioural traits, preferences and choices repulsively unite them in a fraternity and also take up the form to present various forms of art and entertainment. There are also tendencies when natives imbibe the foreign components into their aboriginal camaraderie. Although Germany witnessed enormous power struggles, revolutions, the two great World Wars but the compassion of the German character evolved quite spontaneously in their architecture, sculpture, paintings, art forms etc. The audacity and superiority of the country is reflected in its solidarity, vigorous physical presence and structural immensity. On the other hand Germany?s admiration for nature and life, its unique perception and its fortitude of endurance is manifested in its sculpture and paintings. In the field of entertainment Germans undoubtedly prefer Hollywood movies than their indigenous creations. In past Germany had been the pioneer in the field of motion pictures but the great Wars shattered their worldwide market.

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