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Georgia, is a sovereign state located in the Caucasus region in Eurasia. Georgia is located between latitudes 41 deg and 44 deg N and the longitudes 40 deg and 47 deg E. It is divided into 9 different regions. A representative democracy, Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential Republic. It is also a member of the UN (United Nations). The President is the Head of the State and the Prime Minister the Head of the Government. The country shares its boundaries with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia. It has an area of 69,700 sq km and a population of 4.5 million. The ethnic population forms approximately 83% of the total population of the country. Mountains are the predominant physical feature in the region. With the Caucasus mountains forming a protective shield, Georgia enjoys good climatic conditions. Agriculture and tourism have been the main fields that boost economic development of this beautiful land. The reasons for it can be attributed to the good climate conditions and also the policies and attitude of the Government.

Site Listings
  • BM Bureau : Offering services to companies in Georgia as well as Armenian, Azerbaijani in management, banking, finance, business and legal communities.

  • CoE Information Office : Political organisation set up in 1949, to promote democracy and human rights countrywide.

  • DS Travel : Travel company offering transport and tourist service to any destination in Georgia and abroad.

  • EMS : Operator representing nationally the international mail service in Georgia.

  • Georgian Market : Portal providing A to Z export, import, trading related business information of Georgia.

  • Georgian Music : Resource to download and record a range of Georgian music of different genres and lyrics.

  • : Find unique and personalized gifts for any occasion and deliver to the loved ones the same day within Georgia.

  • : Offers high speed internet service to libraries, research and educational institutions.

  • Me4U : Online store to buy books, handicrafts, paintings, digital photos, video, jewelry, maps, and many more manufactured and designed in Georgia.

  • NewArt : Established in 1998, created by group of people who are interested in development and support of art and culture in Georgia.

  • NPLG - Library : National library of Georgia, includes overview, text database and project list.

  • OSGF : Founded by the New York based Open society institute in 1994, committed to the development of democracy, human rights, health and education program and civil society program.

  • Photo Museum : Georgian Association of Photography in the non-governmental organization combining the admirers of photography, cinema figures, photographers, artists, writers and much more.

  • TBC Bank : Leading commercial bank in Georgia, meets personal and corporate financial needs.

  • UNDP : Meets the needs of governments, civil society and the private sector in more than 166 countries to build a better life.

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