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Planning finances is an activity that each one must undertake carefully whether an individual or an organization. This would not only enable proper allocation of the available resources but also maximum return. A good understanding of the daily and monthly expenses and incomes is important to maintain a good balance and also plan for a secure future. Financial calculators help in making the perfect calculations and thus, planning appropriately for the present and the future. There are a variety of financial calculators that help calculate everything from mortgage payments, planning for emergencies, retirement benefits, tax planning to daily expenses allocations. Financial calculators take into account all the related factors and calculate the actual amount required. This gives a good idea of the availability of resources and where and how one can get the best return on investment. Financial calculators help with everything from budgeting to loans, mortgage, retirement planning and investments, a variety of tools waiting to be explored to secure a bright future.

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  • Amortization Schedule : Calculator assisting in calculating the loan payment with a complete breakdown including interest and principal per payment as well as the annual interest, principal and loan balance after each payment.

  • Ask Financially : Provides wide range of information on all types of insurance like home, car, life, unemployment, mortgage protection, income protection, breakdown, dental, travel, pet, motorbike together with financial information on loans and mortgages.

  • : Manufacturer and marketer of specialty calculators and digital measuring tools for professionals, including real estate master and qualifier plus real estate finance calculators, ultra measure master and dimension master ultrasonic measurers.

  • : Offers a broad array of free online financial calculation tools and utilities.

  • : Provides free tools to help consumers estimate their monthly payments and plan for their retirement.

  • Dollar Times : Features variety of financial calculators and mortgage information for many cities in United States.

  • Financial Calculators : Offers financial calculators for mortgage, credit, tax, savings, budgeting, insurance, retirement, college, paycheck and more.

  • : Online loan calculator allows users to compare various types of fixed and ARM mortgages.

  • Mortgage Calculator : Mortgage calculator helps in calculating monthly mortgage payments. Includes amoritization tables, bi-weekly savings, refinance info, and helpful tips.

  • : Provides variety of financial calculators including mortgage calculators, amortization calculators, debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing calculator and more.

  • Present Value Pension Calculator : This net present value pension calculator calculates the present value of defined benefit pension benefits for division of assets in divorce. It uses an actuarial formula and makes over 1000 calculations, taking into account both interest rates and mortality rates.

  • Savings Calculator : Offers a free, fast and automated calculation tool to immediately estimate future savings at a set rate of interest.

  • : Offering wide range of financial planning information and calculators to help get debt, investments and retirement sorted in New Zealand.

  • Ultimate Loan Calculator : Ultimate loan calculator provides the information needed to planning to buy a new home.

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