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Stocks refer to the capital of the business. The terms “stocks” is generally used similar to that of shares which id actually a part of the entire capital of any business or company. The amount of investment in the stock of the company is what gives the creditors of the company a surety or assurance. Stocks may be further classified as equity or preferential stock. Equity stock and preferential stock differ from one another in terms of the authority to vote and also payment of dividend. The value of the stock of a company may see several changes either up or down depending on a number of factors influencing the business in particular and the economy at large. Bonds are debt instruments which makes the bond holder a lender as against stock holders who have a stake in the ownership of the business or company. A bond is a contract between a company and the person who invests in the bond. The loan taken by the company must be returned after the specified period of time and also the creditor or the lender be paid an interest for the period under consideration. Bonds usually are limited by a certain time period as against stocks that are restricted by a time frame.

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