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Debt Consolidation refers to consolidating the many loans into one single loan. Debt consolidation enables the person or the borrower to pay up all the small loans with one single loan that is available at a much lower rate of interest. The lower rate of interest enables the borrower to make a huge saving which in turn helps to better the overall financial situation. Debt Consolidation is the helping hand that a person in a debt trap needs to better the financial position. Paying off all the high interest loans would mean a big saving and also reduced paper work and tensions. An acute monetary crunch and having the creditors knocking at your door step can mean peace of mind lost. A debt consolidation loan is the best way to overcome the terrible situation. A debt consolidation loan is a real savior for all those who are sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand called debt.

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  • Debt Under Management : Debt relief organization based in California, specializing in debt relief solutions.

  • Freedom Debt Management : A non-profit organization based in Boca Raton Florida dedicated to educating and counseling consumers.

  • Debt Conslidation Time : Offers debt consolidation solutions and helps in planning the financial future.

  • Debt Consolidation Programs - Care One : Offers customized debt consolidation programs and debt management plans for individuals nationwide.

  • Credit Repair Made Easy - : Assists people to find different ways of helping themselves to get out of debt and/or repairing their financial position. Includes credit repair tips with videos.

  • Your Credit Analyst : Offering reliable financial support by means of loan settlement, debt consolidation, insurance solution, mortgage and other money management services.

  • New Path Today : Professional financial services company providing wide range of debt management and credit card debt reduction solutions.

  • Budget Planners : Provides financial solution that is suited toward specific financial profile, consolidate debt into one affordable payment, and provides a debt consolidation program that enhances financial soundness and understanding.

  • Kensington Finance : Established in 2001, debt management consultants dedicated to provide advice throughout UK.

  • : Specialized in providing help and advice to control debts. Provides comprehensive information about bankruptcy and IVAs with other alternatives and the repercussions of the choices.

  • Family Life Credit : Non-profit christian financial counseling agency founded in 1986, provides faith-based financial education and counseling to families struggling to find hope in the midst of financial crisis.

  • Structured Settlement Experts : Offers individuals to cash out or sell their structured settlement, annuity payments or lottery winnings for cash.

  • Credit Solutions : Specialized in debt settlements, offers many debt-relief programs and savings plans to overcome the debts.

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