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Debit cards or a version of the plastic money are cards that can be used as a substitute to carrying money. While traveling, having to carry money can be cumbersome and also not very safe. Debit cards solve this very problem and provide an easy solution. The debit card can be used at merchants for purchasing any article. The debit card unlike a credit card needs an available account balance as the amount of purchase is immediately deducted from your available balance. Credit card is how the plastic money presented itself. Credit cards offer the holder a period of credit and make it easy to pay for anything bought. The purchase is paid for and the holder has a time period in which to make payment of the amount to the bank or financial institution that has issued the card. The amount can be either paid in lumpsum or in small convenient installments. Credit and debit cards must be used carefully by holders and should be kept safely so that they do not fall into the wrong hands were they can be misused.

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  • Kredi Kartı Borcu - KKBT : A professional credit card debt consulting company assists people to get over their credit card debts and loans.

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  • Visa : Provides information on Visa credit and debit cards, including visa classic, visa secured, visa gold, visa platinum, visa signature, and visa checkuse. - Business Analysis and Advice - Administration orders - Phoenixing or Pre Packing - Company Voluntary Arrangements - Company Liquidations - Asset Realisations

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  • Credit Card City : Provides a wide selection of best credit card deals that can be applied for 0% APR, instant approval, balance transfer and rewards credit cards.

  • Credit Solve UK : Provides the most comprehensive and up to date information on the web about unsecured UK mastercard and visa credit cards.

  • Merit Credit Cards : Provides comprehensive information on credit cards and the process of submitting a successful credit cards application. Also includes advice on how to use credit cards.

  • : Provides resource on variety of credit cards including low interest, rewards programs, airline, cash back, small business, student, instant approval credit cards and more.

  • Card Watch : Provides wide range of information to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards, debit cards, cheque guarantee cards and charge cards throughout UK.

  • MasterCard Worldwide : Manages widely accepted payment cards brands including masterCard , maestro and cirrus and serves financial institutions, consumers, and businesses worldwide.

  • Fraud Lock : UK’s most comprehensive and pro-active service to protect you from the world’s fastest growing crime or identity fraud.

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