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Language center that teaches Arabic as a foreign language.


Non-profit and non-governmental organization, which intends to promote international medical studies and research.

  • 4icu : Lists out various Egyptian universities and their locations, based on rankings.

  • AASTMT : Non-profit educational institution for science, technology, and maritime transport. Arab league entity that is situated in various locations of Egypt like Alexandaria, Cairo, Port Said, etc.

  • Ain Shams University : Official university website that provides details on various educational conferences, news, training courses, scholarships, staff, and academic updates. Located in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Alexandria University : University that offers various courses in the areas of science, commerce, technology, arts, research, and so forth.

  • AOU : Non-profit educational institution which strives to build expertise based on international standards.

  • BUE : University that offers various graduate and postgraduate courses. Independent institution that strives to offer education based on needs of people. Supports scientific research.

  • Cairo University : Responsible for the emergence of modern education in Egypt. Offers various educational streams like engineering, medicine, law, arts, science, etc.

  • Egypt Education : Provides online courses for students and teachers in various university courses and subjects.

  • Helwan University : University that offers varied courses in the areas of arts, fine arts, music education, physical education in addition to engineering courses.

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