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One of the most populous countries for tourism, China, showcases cultural heritage and natural beauty and folk customs. Natural lovers get overwhelmed by the beauty of mountains, lakes, valleys, caves, and waterfalls. The Five Sacred Mountains, Yangtze River, Tianchi, etc are some of the renowned spots to enjoy the nature. Including Great Wall of China, there are plenty of heritage and cultural sites in the country like Mogao Caves, Shaolin Temple, Dazu Rock Carvings, Potala Palace, etc. Some of the folk customs like Water Sprinkling Festival, March Street, and Spring Festival activities will make tourists enjoy their stay in China. According to Travel China Guide, Chinese inbound tourism witnessed a steady increase in 2015 compared to 2014. It is estimated that 65.3649 million overseas tourists visited China in 2015. Tourists came from various regions like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Americas, and Europe. It is estimated that 7.91 million Asians visited China in 2015, where most of the people came from South Korea. It is also said that the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting China has increased in 2015. Majority of the visitors came for leisure/sightseeing activities. Business tourists were included as well. According to China Tourism Research Institute, outbound tourism in the country crossed 62% in the first half of 2015. With steady increase in both inbound and outbound tourism, China?s economy is also growing. It is estimated that the total foreign exchange income, due to tourism, was USD 27.534 billion. It has to be noted that the services of tourist agencies, while arranging for food, accommodation, transportation, and appropriate hospitality to visitors have made China, a populous travel destination. Browse our China Travel Directory and find the list of China Travel and Tourism related websites below:

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  • Air China : Based in Beijing with branch companies in Chengdu, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia, operates more than 300 domestic and international air routes.

  • China Highlights : China travel agency, providing customized tours for individuals, families and groups, as well as travel tips, details on visas and much more.

  • China Southern Air : Largest airline in China, located in Guangzhou, serves more than 85 destinations with information on booking flights, hotels and holiday packages.

  • China Tour : China travel agency, providing wide variety of China tour information and services.

  • China Travel Designer : Largest travel agency in China, provides custom travel packages, city tours and Yangtze river cruises at an affordable price.

  • Chinae Travel : Complete online China travel guide for hotel, transport, shopping, attractions and more, as well as featuring online e-commerce booking system.

  • : China Tours provides private, group and tailored tours throughout China.

  • : Online resource lists China's major cities hotel and travel reservation information.

  • CityHotel : Five-star international hotel located in the port city of Ningbo, offers first class amenities, health club with fully equipped gym, swimming pool, indoor golf and more.

  • : Provides a range of travel services such as hotel and ticket booking, travel guides, discount merchants, travel electronic map and more.

  • Huangshan Tour : Travel company based in Huangshan, Anhui, provides group and individual tour packages, hotel reservations, flight bookings, train reservation and more.

  • : One stop site for complete information on China travel packages, airfare, hotels, train reservation, car hire and much more.

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