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In China, most of the hospitals are run by the government itself. For the improvement in health care, the Chinese government has done a lot of reforms to its old system. Earlier, the medical practitioners were quasi-government employees, who had limited options to work in private clinics. The Chinese economic policy also discouraged the physicians to open their own clinics. In the year 2005, the Chinese government initiated new strategies in the rural health care system, which aimed at making medical facilities affordable for the rural poor. The annual average medical coverage under this system, for a person, was 50 bucks. The system was a tiered system, where central and provincial government shared the regular medical expenses. As per the system, when patients go to the hospital in their local town, 70-80% of the medical bill will be covered. Several private clinics have come recently in China, but most of the medical practitioners are not aware of the western medical education. Most of the practitioners practice traditional Chinese medicine. Through a lineage-based medical system, the practitioners learned medicine from their parents. They can either take exams to enter into the medical universities or study in traditional medical universities in modern China. Practitioners, after their five-year medical practice will receive national physician license. After getting license, practitioners are allowed to open their clinics. In the recent years, there are measures to integrate both traditional Chinese and western medicine traditions in China. The practitioners will be trained in both the traditions for this integration. Browse our China Health Directory and find below the list of China Health and Medicine websites:

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  • AIDS in China : Succesfull charity in china provides a wide range of information to educate people about HIV and AIDS across the world. Works to directly avert the spread of HIV and AIDS, and to improve the treatment, care and support of people infected.

  • Bioscor International Hair & Skin Care Clinics : Global network of aesthetic medical clinic in China. Provides latest clinically proven aesthetic solutions, surgeries, skin treatments, cosmetics and more.

  • Chenzen Wellness Centre : Wellness centre in China, offers different treatments, programs, workshops. Recognises the importance between patient and practitioner.

  • Chinese Hospital Association : National, trade-oriented, and non-profit-making mass organization in China. Formed voluntarily by all types and all levels of healthcare institutions in China. Provides details of journals and links with different healthcare societies.

  • Chinese Medical Doctor Association : Official website for medical doctors in China. Provides information on charitable activities, training, news events etc.

  • Dr. Lu Dental Clinic : International dental clinic in China, offers a full range of dental, orthodontic and implant services. Includes information about clients, specialised services, contact details and more.

  • Shenzhen Sun Hospital Group : Medical organisation in China, specializes on ophalmology and stomatology.

  • Yunnan Allied Dental : One of the most prestigious dental clinics in southwest China, providing technologically advanced dental facility. Offers services like costmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry etc.

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