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The Ministry of Education, China, necessitates school education for children, for at least nine years. The nine-year compulsory education, funded by the government, includes six years of primary and three years of junior secondary or middle school education. The primary education starts at the age of six or seven years, while the middle school education starts at the age between 12 and 15 years. After schooling, Chinese students can continue higher education, which comprises of Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees. In order to promote higher education, the Chinese government abolished tax-funded higher education in 1985. This act made students compete for scholarships, based on their academic ability. According to the data released by People?s Republic of China Ministry of Education in 2015, the total number of Chinese National Higher Institutions corresponds to 2845. There are over 100 National Key Universities in China. The Chinese educational spending has increased by 20% since 1999, which has ranked China as a premier destination for international students. China is also the most popular destination for international students in Asia. The country holds third position in ranking internationally. In order to promote education, the Chinese government made many reforms to its structure. Several industrial multiversity and specialist colleges were established, which strengthened incomplete subjects. New specialties like automation, nuclear power, oceanography, computer science, energy resources, polymer physics/chemistry, physical chemistry, radio chemistry, and biophysics were introduced. The Chinese educational sector is improving day-by-day and it contributes to the economic and social development of the country. Browse our China Education Directory and find the list of China Educational websites below:

Site Listings
  • Center on Chinese Education : Educational resource affliated with columbia university, offers training for teachers. Includes publications,educationl news and more.

  • China Center : Builds bridges between the U.S. and Greater China. Facilitates educational exchange, collaborative research, and teaching and training activities.

  • China Education & Research Network : Official educational website for china. Includes ministrial details, news, policies, directories, affliated organisations and more.

  • China Education Exposition : Website offers information on research work and educational system in china.

  • China TEFL Network : Provides database regarding summer camps, travel, news letters and instituions. Assists thoso who study and teach in China.

  • Rural China Education Foundation : International non-profit organization dedicated in promoting education for people in rural China that empowers them to improve their lives and communities.

  • Teachermania : Provides information regarding teaching professionals, vacancies, websites, certificates etc.

  • Teaching English & Living in China : Offers opportunities for those who teach English in China and want to study.

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