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The approach of Canadian Government towards the foreign visitors, expatriates and immigrants is remarkably warm. This amicable and welcoming approach is expressed in the property laws and taxes which are non-discriminating from the citizens of the country. The frequent visitors to the country and the immigrants have the right to purchase homes in this country and legally own them. This has enabled the residence of people from a number of countries like France, Spain, Italy, Britain, Mexico and many other countries. Many cities in Canada like Toronto, Ontario, Mississauga and Brampton exhibit diverse culture owing to the mixed populace residing there. Canada is a country of gamesome people. The Canadians are huge sports enthusiasts and their Government play an important role in encouraging, promoting and nurturing all sortsí outdoor sports. Productions of television and cinema are also progressive however with conspicuous domination of the US imports. Being predominantly cold country, the people find amusement in parks, skis and zoos. There are many universities which offer advanced level courses and attract students from worldwide. British as well as US English is spoken in Canada alongside Quebecois French.

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  • Big Mouth Productions : Founded in 1997 by Katy Chevigny and Julia Pimsleur, provides production services for US and international clients.

  • Bill Reid Foundation : Established as a not-for-profit society in January 1999, preserving the art and perpetuating the legacies of Bill Reid.

  • Canadian Dating Apps : Lists best dating websites and apps for Canadian singles to find dates online. Both paid apps and free apps are presented.

  • Egale Canada : Canada's human rights organization advancing equality, diversity, education, and justice.

  • Pride Dating : Worldwide dating service allows placement of personal profiles online for relationships.

  • RCIP CHIN : Providing an overview of museums, galleries and heritage information of Canada and around the world.

  • RomWell : Includes wide range on information on travel books, galleries, museums, amusement and entertainment parks.

  • Royal BC Museum : Collecting artifacts, documents and specimens of BC's natural and human history and safeguarding them for future generation.

  • TruLove : Online matchmaking service for single men and women looking to meet their soulmate, find love and romance.

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