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The role of news and media is extremely crucial in the functioning of the Government. Media as a representative of the population leverages the rights bestowed on the people by voicing their opinion and more importantly uniting the same. The transparency in governance lies in authorising the media to intervene and question a political motion and retrieve the satisfactory answers to the same. It is necessary to ensure equality in distribution of benefits as opposed to their concentration in a few sections or regions. For a country as vast as Canada, this of huge importance with the populace scattered over the vast stretch of land, make it difficult to administer and cater to without the substantial aid of media. Canada has a well formed media operational which cover all territories and provinces and cater to the same with equal vigour. However the productions aired are dominated by those from their immediate neighbour ? the United States. Magazines and journals are profit oriented and run on advertisements and subscriptions. The government only intervenes to place bar on the foreign establishment which may pose competition for the local brands. Stringent laws and taxes are also levied on those brands.

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