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Textiles refer to fabrics that are either natural or artificial. The natural fibres with which cloth is made includes those like cotton and wool while nylon and rayon belong to the category of artificial fibre. Textiles may also be referred to as cloth. Textiles are extremely useful for making a variety of products. From the dresses worn to home furnishing , textiles fulfill the basic need of clothing and also take care of style and elegance. Textiles are available in a variety of colors, shades, designs, textures and also types. There are textiles which are representative of a particular area of region too. The cloth is used in the process of tailoring for the manufacture of different utility products. Textiles as an area of business is one that has been around for very many years. With a little effort and creativity a great value addition can be made thus, resulting in spectacular profits and business growth.

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  • Golris.com : Established in 1991 in Kashan, producing quality machine made carpets by utilizing the updated technology, weaving machines equipped with digital designing systems to inoovate the most beautiful tablea carpet.

  • Channi Textiles : Manufacturer and exporter of hand knotted carpets, rugs and runners, from wool, cotton, silk and blends.

  • Ylrug.com : Professional manufacturer of hand woven carpets and area rugs, from silk, wool, cotton and polythylene.

  • USAITA : Offering strong presence on the issues that affect the importers, retailers and brands that import and sell textiles and apparel.

  • Mangal Creation : India's leading manufacturer-exporters, specialized in manufacturing table linen, kitchen textiles, window treatments, bath collections and other home textile.

  • Universal Textile : Supplies carpet industry with multiple backing systems, including polyurethane high performance backings, functional barriers to liquid and overall structural integrity.

  • ILE Textiles : Manufactures a wide range of testing instruments for textile, chemical, paper and other related industries.

  • Zetex Textile : Specialized in sub-contracting work for major retailing houses as a specialist for jeans, sportswear, denim, skirts, dungarees, bermudas, slacks and more.

  • Carnegie Textile : Provides quality fabrics nationwide by manufacturers to create everything from apparel and upholstery to automotive interiors, boat covers and tarpaulins.

  • Suraj Textiles : Manufacturers and exporters of exclusive neck-wear, shawls, beachwear, evening bags, hair accessories and much more.

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