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Electronics & Electrical form two important areas of engineering study. Electronics has come to occupy an important part in our daily lives and everything from the televisions, radio to the computer that we cannot do with are manufactured piece by piece electronically. The field of electronics requires extensive knowledge and expertise about various aspects of design and circuits among other things. Electricity is a part of our lives that we cannot do without. The invention of electricity has been one big step for man that has solved a lot of problems. From the electric bulb in the home to the huge transformers that provide for a whole city to every appliance that runs on electricity; this invention has truly made life more comfortable and simplified. The work in the field of electricity however, requires one to have in-depth knowledge and experience as it involves a high degree of risk.

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  • Douglas Electrical Components : Manufacturer of customized hermetic wire feed-throughs, hermetically sealed connectors, terminals and more for any wire, cable, connector or fiber optic sealing application. Used to feed power or signal into space simulation, military applications, medical imaging systems, power distribution components and many more.

  • Mars International : Offers design for electrical & mechanical manufacturing-assembly, DFM-DFA, electronic PCB embedded systems, & SCM-VMI contract manufacturer mechanical-electrical components/assemblies.

  • Selco INC : Located in the center of the high-tech industry in Austin, Texas, one of the prime contractors in both set aside and commercial applications for pilot production, test and repair of customer-supplied electronic equipments and electro-mechanical assemblies.

  • Jackson Electrics : Located in Auckland, New Zealand, multi-functional electrics company serving a broad range of electrical requirements for industrial and commercial markets.

  • Asiaups.com : Professional manufactures and exporters of power supply, such as explosion proof light, flame-proof lamp, explosion-proof controller and other electronics, such as voltage stabilizer, regulator, uninterruptible power supply and more.

  • Anoma.com : Worldwide leading supplier of standard, modified, custom AC/DC switching power supplies and linear power supplies from 1/2 watt to 80 watts.

  • Behlman.com : Manufacturing and consulting firm providing standard, modified, custom, frequency converters, inverters and uninterruptible power sources for commercial, industrial and military mission-critical applications.

  • Sloan Electronics : Provides PCB assembly and PCB design by a qualified PCB designer.

  • Nanomotion : Designs and manufactures piezo electric motors, modules and complete motion solutions utilized in applications within the commercial & defense optronics, semiconductor and medical markets.

  • Bittele Electronics Inc. : Offers a full range of printed circuit board assembly solutions. Specializes in low quantity and prototype orders.

  • Allied Components International : Top tier OEM & CEM supplier of standard and custom magnetics including inductors, smd inductors, RJ45 connectors with magnetics, LAN transformers, chokes, coils, toroids, transformers. Established in the year 1992.

  • Servo Star India : Manufacturer of electrical & electronics instruments being used for power conditioning. Products includes voltage stabilizer, UPS, isolation & ultra isolation transformer and more.

  • Networks Electronic : Company designs, engineers, and manufactures high-precision mini pyrotechnic devices for aerospace, defense and military applications including cartridge actuated devices, initiators, and pressure cartridges.

  • Win Source : An obsolete electronic components distributor with ERAI & ISO certificated, specializes in offering obsolete and hard-to-find electronic parts on test/measurement, healthcare, gaming, aerospace and general industry, also focus on providing cost-effective alternative solutions of electronic parts.

  • Cooper Industries : Manufacturer of electrical products distributing electricity which includes circuit protection, illuminate facilities, support electronic and telecommunications components and offer fire and security detection.

  • Aplab : Based in India, manufactures electronic instruments, power supplies, oscilloscopes, ups, bank automation, atms, industrial products, test and measuring instruments and more.

  • Electronics Manufacturers : Comprehensive industry resource for electronics and electrical products, offering computer hardware, electronic components, audio/video players, optoelectronics, lightings & lamps, power supplies and more.

  • Ge.com : Diversified technology, media and financial service company focused on solving some of the world's toughest problems from jet engines to power generation, financial services to water processing and medical imaging to media content.

  • LSI.com : Leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies that enable products which brings people, information and digital content together.

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