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Transcription is the written or printed representation of a speech either live or recorded. It is used for business, legal and medical purpose. Transcription renders spoken language into a computer file which can be used as a document or as a report. For e.g. proceedings of a court hearing or medical transcription. Transcription is one of the fastest growing jobs in U.S and U.K, especially for those who are retired or looking for extra income. Unlike in the past, where people need some advanced skills like shorthand to become transcriptionist; today the availability of technology like recorder helps people to transcribe something very easily. There are two methods of transcription: dictation transcription and interview transcription. Dictation transcription is the transcription of one person dictation and interview transcription is of two people or more. Today transcription is used for many business purposes and is also outsourced to a third party transcription company. In this scenario, it is very important to ensure data confidentiality and information security.

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  • AudioVisual Transcription : Specialized in nationwide transcription services for digital and non digital audio formats. Includes interviews, speeches and news broadcasts transcription services.

  • ACE Transcription : Specializes in transcription services. Includes interviews, speeches, conferences and general transcriptions. Lists faqs, rates and company details.

  • Action Management Corporation : Established in 1987, Specializes in profession transisition, contract staffing, training seminars, and management consulting services. Records newsletter, events, brochure and services.

  • AudioTranscription : Located in San Francisco, California, offering audio and video transcription services. Features blog, free price quote, rates, contact form and services.

  • Daily Transcription : Boasts transcription services nationally including audio, video transcription from board meetings, conferences and speeches. Records quote form, rates and site search.

  • DBS Associates : A New Jersey business established in 1984, providing transcription services in electronic formats for business correspondence, speeches, educational discussions and gatherings.

  • Elite Office Solutions : A wholly owned independent company, offering corporate professional transcription services to medical, legal and media clients since 1986. Features site seek, services and company data.

  • Transcriptionplace : Boasts transcriptions services for online meetings, podcasts, sermons, classes, web gatherings and audio books. Features company details, pricing and contact information.

  • Bytescribe : An online store, offering dictation and transcription products. Includes eownload form, articles, site search, products and services.

  • CastingWords : Offers audio transcription services since 2005. Including mp3s, videos, plain text, HTML and MS word formats. Lists news, faqs, blog and order tracking form.

  • : Specialized in providiing transcription services to individuals and organizations since 1999. Including sales meetings, focus groups and board meetings,

  • Fantastic Transcripts : Provides various transcription services throughout North America and UK. Includes audio tapes, digital audio files, teleconferences, and videos. Features case studies, news, faqs, company details and rates.

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