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In modern economy, it is probably the most widely used term and tool used by organizations when it comes to cost effectiveness or cost cutting. Outsourcing involves contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization. In one hand, there were the developed countries looking for a sustainable economic model; on the other hand, there were less economically developed countries, ready to embrace the global phenomenon of outsourcing as a natural response to the ongoing movement towards open markets and trade liberalization. Economic disparity among nations along with advancement in communication medium like the internet had triggered the outsourcing boom in the early 90s.However, in today’s world the advantages or reasons for outsourcing are not limited to cost alone. Organizations may outsource for various reasons ranging from better quality of service to security implications, language skills, expert solutions, government regulations etc.

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  • New Millennia Group Ltd : Provides funding and back office solutions for the recruitment startup or SME. The ambition and sole focus of the company is to make your life as easy as possible, this allows to concentrate on business and sales.

  • Connect Worldwide : Founded in 2002, offering travel sales, marketing, PR for the travel industries through global outsourcing. Features news, blog and company overview.

  • HRO Today : A magazine of human resources outsourcing industry offering news, articles on outsourcing. Includes fourm, podcast, blog and resource directory.

  • Accenture : Offers consulting, technology services, business process and outsourcing services for clients. Includes videos, outlook journals, newsletters, company information and accessibility statement.

  • Business Outsourcing Services : A web outsource company in Philippine, offers web development & maintenance, marketing consultations and outsourcing services. Includes articles, newsletter and express enquiry form.

  • Checkpoint HR : Offers human resources business process outsourcing services in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and other major cities. Including administration and payroll services.

  • CSC : Offers consulting, applications, IT and business process outsourcing services. Records news, industry insights, company overview and service information.

  • Insight Performance : Since 1995, offering human resource and oursourcing services for small and medium-sized business in Boston. Features news, blog, company information and newsletters.

  • OutsourcingTemps : Offers webmaster outsourcing services, Including web designers, link builder and content writers. Lists services and articles.

  • Innovative Employee Solutions : Specialized in payrolling and HR administrative outsourcing services nationwide. Including employer records and back office support. Lists newsletter, sitesearch and company information.

  • Outsource Data Processing : Since 1992, offering online automatic data processing services and solutions to business. Includes free quote form, prices, company informative data and contact details.

  • Outsourcing Romanian : Offers software development services. Including billing, procurement and human resources. Features site look, quote form and company contact information.

  • iVENTURES : A BPO company in philippines established in 2007, offering IT- enabled services, offshore multilingual call center services and non-voice services. Features faqs and service details.

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