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Tour experiences are said to give immense knowledge and adventure to travel enthusiasts. With the prediction that Brazil?s travel and tourism investment will rise by over 6.4% in the next ten years, the country is Latin America?s fastest growing Travel and Tourism economy. With the employment of 3, 140, 500 jobs (contributing to 3.1% of the total employment), in 2014, the tourism department is growing day-by-day. For promoting travel and tourism, the government had waived tourist visa requirements for many countries. Amazon Jungle, The Amazon River, rainforests of tropical and subtropical regions, beaches and bays, unique plant and animal species are the tourist attractions in Brazil. Majority of the tourists hail from Italy, USA, and Argentina. Due to the abundance of natural attractions, the country has increased focus on eco-tourism off late. The eco-tourism necessitates individual not to harm the natural environment or its resources. The country is also said to be a viable business- related travel destination. Find below the list of websites providing travel and tourism information in Brazil.

Site Listings
  • Beach Park : Located in Ceara, the park combines travel, leisure, and fun. Constitutes beach resorts, beach games, water parks, vacation clubs, and so forth.

  • Blumar : With 25 years of experience in tour operation, the agency offers customized tourist programs for individuals traveling within Brazil.

  • Brazil Travel Information : Repository to find information about touring in various regions of Brazil like Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Iguassu falls, etc.

  • Discover Brazil : Includes information about touring in Amazon, Bahia, Fernando de Noronha, Iguassu falls, Pantanal, and Rio de Janeiro states of Brazil.

  • Euromonitor International : Statistical reports about how Brazilian toursim helps in the economic development are mentioned. Purchase of report is essential, for knowing about statistics. Report costs around US$2,100.

  • Exotic Tours : Tourism operator within Rio de Janeiro, which guides travelers in sightseeing, accommodation, and entertainment activities.

  • Fiesta Tours : Tour operator, which helps arranging tour packages and hotels in Brazil. Offers packages to Amazon, Pantanal, Landrover expeditions, etc.

  • Globotur : Travel advisors and tour operators, who arrange tours or vacations around Brazil. Helps in booking air tickets.

  • Jungle : Repository to find information about Amazonian region, Brazilian Amazon, and natural beauty of Brazil.

  • Pousada Dos Sonhos : Offers lodging options to enjoy the beach atmosphere of Jurere in Florinopolis, Brazil. Restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment venues are included.

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