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Logistics helps in physical displacement of goods from source to destination. The logistics division is considered to be crucial to any country for appropriate shipment of goods. It can be done either through air, sea, or road. It acts as an intermediary between the individual and shipping, road, or airline companies. Brazil has a firm global transport network. The overseas shipment is done through sea or air, as full or partial loads through containers or airway unit load devices. The road transport services comprise full and partial loads, and mixed domestic cargos. Freight brokerage services are widely seen in the country. These services help in knowing the appropriate needs of customer such as connecting shipper to carrier, shipping price, etc. These services help in appropriate movement of cargo. The freight brokerage services can be either done by a company or an individual, freight broker. Freight brokers act as a liaison between consumers and transportation companies. They happen to understand the transportation process very well. Use of proprietary technology in transport systems is a trend in the logistics domain. It is said that continuous investments are seen in proprietary technologies, and it also gives a lot of flexibility. In total, the Brazilian logistic division is committed to creating value for customers through supply chain management services. Below are the websites providing transportation and logistics information in Brazil.

Site Listings
  • Angloinfo : Details on public transportation through buses, trains, metros, flights, etc in and around Brazil are found.

  • Best Masters Ranking : Includes details about various educational programmes, including logistics and supply chain management studies, in various regions of Brazil. Rankings, reviews about educational instituions are available.

  • Bombardier : Manufacturer of flights and trains for better transportation of individuals. Manufacturing plant is located in various countries, including Brazil.

  • Brazilian Supply Chain & Logistics Summit : Details on Supply Chain and Logistics Summit meetings that happen in Brazil are mentioned. Senior experts in logistics management from various industries and countries make their presence in this meeting.

  • Buscaonibus : Provider of details about bus travel in Brazil.

  • Ceva : Providers of logistic services through air, water, and road in Brazil. Provides services to various industries like automotive, consumer and retail, energy, healthcare, etc.

  • Logistics Brazil : Online logistics directory that provides details about logistics, trucking, warehousing, packaging, freight, supply chain management services and forwarding companies in Brazil.

  • Penske : Logistics and supply chain management that helps goods move around the globe. Manages logistics operations for around 150 factories around the globe. Located in Brazil.

  • Supply Chain View from the Field : Blog that is dedicated towards the supply chain management industry. Fearures latest happenings in the Brazilian logistics markets, transportation planning, logistics studies, various updates, etc.

  • Virtual Tourist : Travel blog that includes details on Brazilian transportation, written by real travelers. Details on hiring autos, taxis, locating bus stations, etc are mentioned.

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