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The transparency in successful governance lies in authorizing the news and media to intervene and question a political motion and retrieve the satisfactory answers to the same. News and Media as a representative of the population propagates the rights bestowed on the people by voicing their opinion and more importantly uniting them. Brazil has a regional press in which newspapers are at best mediocre but are always valuable for listings of local events. The top newspapers of Brazil are independent and have extensive international news, cultural coverage and entertainment listings, but are respectable rather than exciting. There are also several weekly current-affairs magazines available on major fashion and women?s corner, Brazilian football, elite class and its apparent obsession with plastic surgery. In Brazil television is dominated by various national channels dominated by telenovelas, glossy soap operas that have massive audiences in the evenings. Football coverage is also worth paying attention to with an incomprehensible stream of commentary. Below is the comprehensive list of News and Media related websites useful to information seekers. Browse and suggest useful and well-organized News and Media websites to Brazil Regional Web Directory.

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Provider of multi-platform sports information for the Brazilian community.


Provider of news from various media sources like newspapers, magazines, television, radio, podcasts, etc.

  • Atlantica News : News and media portal that covers updates in various sectors like agriculture, culture, ecology, economy, education, sports, politics, etc in addition to daily general information.

  • Brazzil : Brazilian English magazine that focuses mainly on Brazilian culture and people. Political, general, sports, etc news and opinions are available.

  • Folha De S.Paulo : Provider of English news in Brazil. Covers updates about world, sports, science & health, culture, travel, business, etc.

  • Impactoonline : Online journal that contains updates about international and national happenings. Classifieds are available. Ads are posted. Content originally available in Portuguese.

  • Midia News : News and publishing website that covers details on politics, election views, economy, judiciary, business, environment, etc happening in Brazil.

  • Ojornal : Bilingual online newspaper that provides information in Portuguese and English languages. Top stories, sports, immigration news, details on Portuguese world, living, etc are found.

  • Rio Times, The : English newspaper dedicated to the English speaking community for the people in Brazil. Covers details on politics, world, real estate, business, sports, etc.

  • Sambafoot : Brazilian English football news website that represents details about players, teams, coaches, stadiums, matches, etc. Latest news is available. Football forum is open.

  • Site Miseria : A Portuguese online newspaper of Juazeiro do Norte city of the region Cerara state in Brazil. Covers news on sports, politics, entertainment, etc.

  • Sobral 24 Horas : Newspaper of Sobral region of the Cerara state in Brazil. Offers 24 hours latest news in various sectors like sports, business, entertainment, general, etc.

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