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In the healthcare domain, countries around the globe opt for distinct health policies for the wellbeing of their citizens. Countries should be aware of the appropriate flow of the healthcare system, prerequisites needed for healthcare policies, cost of treatment, and appropriate knowledge about the healthcare systems. For the welfare of the people, the country Brazil has got various health services and programmes. The country?s infrastructure constitutes government health services, private medical sector, and non-profit health organizations (NGOs). The Brazilian government funds the governmental health services; and the Ministry of Health sector is responsible for government hospitals (as knows as Municipal hospitals), public health services, and medical services. The intent of the Brazilian government is to make all the essential medications and drugs readily available to the public at affordable prices in the country?s pharmacies. The government also allows the foreign nationals residing in Brazil to avail emergency medical treatments in public hospitals. The foreign nationals can also avail the services of private hospitals, but they must pay for the privileges. The private hospitals in Brazil do have sophisticated medical facilities. The country has set up a lot of non-profit organizations to serve the unprivileged; and for these reasons, Brazil is also one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the South American region.

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