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Education is a right for all and also the duty of the state and of the family, according to the Brazilian constitution that set guidelines in the year 1988. The Brazilian constitution also states that education has to be promoted with the collaboration of the society, with the intent of completely developing the individual; to prepare him/her for exercising citizenship; to qualify him/her to work and earn for livelihood. The Brazilian Educational System is divided into three levels such as fundamental, intermediate, and higher education. The higher educational system is further divided into undergraduate and graduate levels. In the higher educational level, free public and paid private colleges/universities play a major role in providing education. It is said that more than 95% of the Brazilian higher education students study in private institutions. Loans are self-sponsored for Brazilian higher educational students, since loans were rare until the beginning of 21st century. Apart from these educational levels, preschool or infant education is for children, who are less than 7 years of age. Another mode of education, supplementary education, is a substitute and complement to regular schooling. It provides permanent education. Technical courses are becoming a trend in Brazil, but they are not widely accepted by companies and consumers of higher education. Find below the list of websites related to education in Brazil.

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