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Transportation and Logistics pertains to the act of effectively conducting the flow of goods. Also since the term flow is always used to link the source and the sink, so it is in this case where the flow happens in traversing the consumer goods from its place of manufacture to the place of consumption. Transportation simply involves efficiently moving finished or semi-finished supply to their destination whereas Logistics pertains to ensuring that the same reaches the destination safe and unharmed. Australia, being a country of islanded terrain, land freight and yatch are the two most important modes of domestic transportation. Australia has a fine network of well constructed roadways connecting remote parts of the land to the cities, thus heightening the popularity of road cartage. Again a very long coastal stretch, belting the circumference of the country, makes it possible and necessary to have a big number of ports enabling quick shipping to areas close to the coast and abroad. International freight bears importance as great as in any other country. Without the means for transportation, demand remains in its place and supply in its own; transportation and logistics bridge this gap. This is the significance of transportation and logistics in any economy.

Site Listings
  • Air Services : A Government owned corporation providing safe and environmentally sound air traffic control management and related services to the aviation industry.

  • Australian Airport Guide : Provides information on all the major international and domestic airports in Australia.

  • Australian Bicycle Council : Responsible for co-ordinating in implementation of Australian national cycling strategy.

  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) : Aims to improve safety and public confidence in the aviation, marine and rail modes of transport through independent investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences including safety data recording, analysis and research, fostering safety awareness and more.

  • Australian Trucking Association : Peak body that represents trucking operators. Members include major logistics companies, transport industry associations and businesses having expertise in truck technology.

  • Austroads : A association of Australia and New Zealand road transport and traffic authorities.

  • Budget : Offers a wide range of cars, 4WDs and mini buses including largest fleet of truck and commercial vehicles in Australia.

  • Handy Rentals : Offers utes and vans for hire throughout Australia. Includes offices in different locations.

  • North Australian Helicopters : Offers helicopters throughout the Northern Territory for mustering, tourism, filming, photography, mining and more.

  • Sharp Airlines : Regional airline operating across three states in the south eastern area of Australia. Service include charter services, professional pilot training, engineering services and more.

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