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Society and culture are the most ?Googled? phrases when someone is to relocate to a place for work. Society and culture is impacted by several things ? first and foremost being the climatic conditions and soil; may sound absurd but they actually lend character to the people residents. The ethnic make-up of the population also contributes a great deal to the social format pertaining to a region. Australia is formed of a relatively small land plate isolated from the major chunk of terrain that is mostly connected. Bounded by ocean, this country is blessed with very fertile soil and gold mines. Climate varies from semi arid to arid, tropical and temperate in parts. They are multi-cultural owing to heavy migration post the World War II from many European countries. The ethnic makeup of the population is such: Caucasian 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal and other 1%, as reports suggest. Australians are observed as humble folks and much given to sports. They tend to downplay their achievements consciously. They like foreigners to mingle with them as they do themselves. A small population as they are, they try to make friends of all who cross their path. They value friendship and a casual ?Hello? and smile suffices for an association.

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