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Australia is purportedly is the most thriving nation in terms of business and economy. An admitted fact is that no country can flourish without having its roots drawing vitality out of some stable funding. Australia?s ?macroeconomic funding? and steady economic restructuring are highly regarded by many international organisations. Reports reveal that Australia fares fourth in the world in the amount of per annum investment. The per capita Gross Domestic Product is comparable to that of the USA. Another plus this state enjoys over most of the other developed economies of the world is the low inflation rate. The advancement in the economic sector reflects in the living standards of the Australians. Australian economy rests heavily on the small industry sector which contributes a significant part to its growth. This nation is lavished by the nature as well. There are gold mines in place, farmlands fertile and population in check to augment the wealth. Currently Australia banks upon mining, chemicals, tourism and food processing industries. The Information and Communication Technology has found a potent market in here amounting to $80 billion. A notable characteristic of Australia?s economy is its superior infrastructure, to sustain the rapidly accelerating economic growth.

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  • Synchron : Australia's leading provider of risk management, superannuation and investment advisory services.

  • WA Business News : Online news portal offering business news to Western Australia.

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