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Armenia or The Republic of Armenia is located in Eurasia and is a landlocked mountainous region. The country has common borders with countries like Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union and gained Independence and attained the status of an individual nation on the 23rd of August, 1991. Inspite of several economic difficulties and hurdles at the onset the country has been able to overcome all the negativities and come out with flying colours. The country is located between 38 deg and 42 deg N latitudes and 43 deg and 47 deg E longitudes. Christianity is the religion followed by a majority of the population. Armenia has a very rich cultural past. It enjoys a continental type of climate. The country is rich in a number of resources like gold, copper, zinc and lead. Armenia has made a steady progress through the years and has gained international recognition for its growth and development. With both agriculture and industry being well-developed, the well-defined economic reforms have ensured that the country steadily and firmly marches on the path of growth and development.

Site Listings
  • 10ts : Resource for a range of information about museums, banks, supermarkets, clubs and much more in Armenia and Armenian cuisine.

  • Ardzagang TV : Armenian television station broadcast video film making for all types of social and cultural events.

  • Armenia Info : Tourism development agency addresses traveler the need in the country, including restaurants, tour operators, real estate agencies, places to visit and more.

  • Armenian Books Club : Online marketplace for Armenian books, magazine, arts, gifts, videos, music and much more.

  • ArmSite : Presents paintings of Armenian painters, rugs and carpets, maps, phonebook, sona avagyan, MP3s and much more.

  • ARTN : Largest Armenian television network in USA, featuring past shows, schedule and live streaming online.

  • Arts Gallery : Distributing and promoting Armenian old cultural and spiritual values.

  • Eco Tourism Armenia : Providing support and assistance to restoration of natural and cultural historical heritage, as well as improving the welfare of population through ecotourism.

  • Erit : Resource providing articles on region, politics, culture, entertainment, sports, education online.

  • Exotic Armenia Tours : Offers interesting tour packages like hiking, mountain climbing, pilgrimage, and much more to explore the exotic beauty of Armenia.

  • OrdFilm : Company promoting film production in Armenian and abroad.

  • Parajanov Museum : Museum?s collections includes installations, collages, dolls and hats, also showcases unpublished screenplays, librettos and various artworks.

  • : Travel and toursim portal presents detailed information about armenia, yellowpages, organized tours and impressions submitted by tourists.

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