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The continent of Africa is known to be the second largest continent in the world. In terms of the population too, Africa stands second only to Asia. The land is comprised of 54 sovereign states and is multilingual with more than a thousand languages spoken. It is The immense area occupied by the continent allows it to experience varied climatic conditions from the tropical to the subarctic. Jungles, deserts and plains all form an integral part of the landform of the land. The fauna of the land too is absolutely admirable in terms of number and variety. The land is truly a travelerís delight with so much to see and enjoy. The country is very rich in natural resources however, a combination of factors have ensured that the resources are not fully exploited and that the country remains poor and underdeveloped.

Site Listings
  • Acacia Africa : Experts in overland African travel, small group trekking, safaris, voluntours and day trips for adventure travellers.

  • Africa Files : Committed to promote wide range of African perspectives and alternative analyses for human rights and economic justice in Africa.

  • Africa Guide : Comprehensive travel guide to Africa with detailed information on safaris, accommodation, books, maps, music, videos, art and craft, daily news headlines, monthly newsletter and much more.

  • Africa Master Web : Providing information about the continent to prospective investors and world in general.

  • Africa News : Online media company running an international and multimedia platform focusing on Africa.

  • Africa Online : Providing corporate customers and institutions with a wide range of internet service solutions online.

  • Africa Travel Resource : Specialized in assisting travellers to tailor made authentic, innovative and unusual trips to Africa.

  • : Source for information on African country such as map, travel, hotel, music, news, safari, video, investment, charity and African blog.

  • All Africa Volunteers : Started in 2000, organizes tours for volunteers who works either in social or nature projects.

  • All Out Africa : Founded in 2004 by Kim Roques and operates in Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique, company focusing on providing responsible travel experiences.

  • ARS Paris State : Primary source of French language program materials for American cultural centers at U.S. embassies throughout francophone Africa.

  • Dunes Music, The : Based in San Francisco Bay Area plays modern music with Algerian roots.

  • Embangola-Can : Source for wide range of information about Angola such as cultural, tourism, economic, education, health, politics and visa information.

  • PPD Africa : Promotes cooperation in the areas of population, development, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

  • Regional Tanzania : Book flights online to different Tanzania destinations with regional air services.

  • US-Angola : Established in 1991, dedicated to the promotion of economic relations between U.S. and Angola for over 15 years.

  • : Providing complete source of aviation weather information and related natural occurrences.

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