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Canada is one country which takes sports very seriously so much so that both the Federal and Provincial Governments are actively involved in it and their roles in the department of Sports overlap. It is needless to say that the Canadians play wide variety of games – hockey, ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, cricket, curling, boxing, rugby, wrestling, golf, cycling and many others. Western Canadians consider curling to be the greatest ever community sport. For evidence, it is difficult to miss a single curling rink in the neighbourhoods across the prairie. Among other games Ice-hockey which is more commonly referred to as simply ‘hockey’ is the most popular winter sport in Canada. The official national winter sport is also the game which sees Canada through most international championships. The game of Lacrosse whose origin may be traced back to native American age is not only the oldest game in the continent but also the official summer sport in Canada. The second most prevalent game is football. A lot of effort is invested in this sport from all quarters in the country. This thoroughly sports loving country nurtures high ambitions where sports are concerned and leaves no stones unturned to nourish fresh talents.

Site Listings
  • : Official home page of the governing Canadian basketball, provides leadership, coordination and direction in all areas of basketball.

  • Hoop Mountain : Organize and offers basketball coaching, instruction, camps and tournaments for young men and women.

  • National Training Centres : Hockey development center, specialized in fitness training for athletes.

  • Skate Canada : Providing Canadians the opportunity to participate in skating for fun, fitness and achievement.

  • Sport Mart : Canada based online sporting goods store, offers sporting footwear, outerwear, hockey, golf, inline skates, snowboards and more.

  • Table Tennis Canada : Online resource features tournament, national team, photo gallery, videos and other related information and news.

  • Vanier Cup : Canadian football University, includes ticket and event information, history and much more.

  • : Canadian amateur wrestling association, includes tournament, membership and contact information.

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